Fora l'Ours in Mompantero

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At Urbiano tradizional feast “Fora l’ours”. Program:

Friday, January 31
At 08:30 pm "Fora l’ours!". Bear hunt with the children in the streets of Urbiano. Meeting at the square in front of the evangelical church.
At 09:00 pm at the council hall presentation of the book "Spiriti d'inverno" by Stefano Torrione.

Saturday, February 1th
At 08:30 pm "Mingia e beiva", food and wine walk in the streets of Urbiano in search of the bear. Cost 15 euro adults, free children 0-10 years old. Meeting at the crossroads between via Roma and via Bricche. Reservation required: Matteo, tel. 3409132598; Luca, tel. 3402176798. 

Sunday, February 2
At 09:45 am Mass in the church of Santa Brigida at Urbiano. 
At 02:00 pm opening of charity stand.
At 02:30 pm parade and dance of the bear. Traditional dance in the square.

Mompantero Mompantero
Mompantero Bear of Mompantero

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