The wolf and its preys in Avigliana

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Walking for families on the Sentiero dei Principi "The wolf and its preys". Start from Charterhouse 1515 at 10:00 am with a naturalistic guide. Packed lunch. Optional visit at Sacra di San Michele. Snack at Charterhouse 1515.

Cost 25 euro per person, 1 adults + 1 child 40 euro, 2 adults + 1 child 50 euro, 2 adults + 2 children 67 euro. 

Reservation required until June 12: tel. 3334244678.

Avigliana Charterhouse of Avigliana
Avigliana Avigliana
Sant'Ambrogio di Torino Sant'Ambrogio di Torino
Sant'Ambrogio di Torino Pirchiriano Mount
Sant'Ambrogio di Torino Sacra di San Michele

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