Tur d'Amun



Tur d’Amun, above Borgovecchio (old town) in Bardonecchia was originally built in mid XII century for military purposes, and became later on a residence for the local lord François de Bardonnèche. Until the beginning of the excavations work in 1999, all that remained was the tower and the medieval documents to testify the once massive structure, revealed in 20014/2005. The current layout of the site, accessible at all time with the exception of the tower (open upon appointment) allows a visit to the restored ruins of the castle and the tower. Information boards along the ruins explain the architecture and the history of this precious site.

  Via Tur d'Amun, 10052 Bardonecchia
tel: 0122/902612 351/6449330
info@prolocobardonecchia.com |

Luglio: ultima domenica 15.30-18 • Agosto: tutte le domeniche 15.30-18
Il 17 settembre visitabile in occasione della “Giornata del Patrimonio Archeologico della Valle di Susa”. Ore 10-12.30 14.30-18

Durante l’anno visite guidate su prenotazione
Info: tel. 351/6449330 - info@prolocobardonecchia.com




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