Borgone Susa


In Borgone, halfway between the statio at fines of Malano (Avigliana) and the ancient Segusio (the modern Susa), there is a Roman sanctuary carved bas-relief on the rocky wall in which is depicted a male figure that the popular tradition wanted to identify with Mohammed. The shape of an animal, presumably a dog, and two objects held in his hand, interpreted as a scepter and a frond, have led to identify him with god Silvano. An inscription on the front seems to be interpreted as a devotion to the deity by a certain Lucius Vettius Avitus.

  Via Mario Tacca, 10050 Borgone Susa
tel: 3931664455

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23 settembre “Giornata del Patrimonio Archeologico della Valle di Susa” 10.00 12.30, 14.30-18.

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