'Avigliana... together', from March 8 to December 8 the festival by Vita e Pace in Avigliana

At the church of Santa Maria Maggiore in the old village "Avigliana... Together" season.


March 8 at 06:30 pm "Auf Dem Wasser" concert.

April 23 at 04:30 pm "Die Klarinette".

May 24 at 04:30 pm "Il magico mondo delle mani".

June 11 at 04:30 pm "Frauenliebe und Leben".

June 18 at 04:30 pm meeting with the journalist Baba Richerme.

July 2 at 04:30 pm "La forêt qui chante".

July 23 at 04:30 pm "Ri-Velare".

July 27 at 04:30 pm "Lungo il fiume", presentation of the book by Teresa Angela del Carmine.

September 15 at 11:00 am "Hilde", show for schools. 

October 1 at 04:30 pm "Celebri armonie al femminile".

December 8 at 04:00 pm "Il santo bucato" show.

Free entry. 

Information and reservations: info@vitaepace.it - tel. 3381213863.

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